360 degree Solution

Significantly improve radiology teams’ productivity & department profitability.

Whether you’re already using an e-based image & information archival system or you are now looking to make the switch from a film-based system, Clever Dolphin offers a complete RIS/PACS/Speech suite, which will make your radiology teams more efficient and productive and which will help reduce your department’s overheads. Moreover, Clever Dolphin’s RIS/PACS/Speech suite has an intuitive user interface, making it easy to use.

Clever Dolphin gives you both integration and functionality. No need to work with multiple vendors or to worry about inter-system compatibility.

Other benefits of this RIS/PACS/Speech suite include:

  • Flexible and structured reporting capabilities which help reduce doctors’ dictation time and which speed the delivery of final reports
  • A report search engine that provides easy access to related cases
  • Enhanced diagnostic reading, with an advanced radiologist-defined visualization system, and the ability to append electronic notes to imaging studies
  • Multi-site image access

Streamlining the Radiology Department’s workflows will not only improve the radiologists’ efficiency, but it will also result in improved patient care and turnaround time.