Mammography Applications

Digital mammography that meets the most demanding radiologist’s needs.

Clever Dolphin introduced an innovative digital mammography workstation, with top of the line imaging and diagnostic applications, enabling more granular imaging and computer-assisted diagnostics.

Some of the workstations’ features include:

  • Customized mammographic-specific reading and hanging protocols for both screening and diagnostic study interpretation
  • Incorporated expert viewing methodology for searching for subtle radiographic abnormalities
  • Systematic comparison of left and right breasts using Tabar masking technique to enhance the detection of structural asymmetries
  • 8 current and prior images are displayed immediately when the next study is opened, with unlimited number of multiple priors accessible by a single click
  • Current images are highlighted in all hanging protocols to minimize the risk of misdiagnosis from priors
  • Full-resolution image viewing, navigated using a mouse wheel, automatic visual tracing of pixels that have been viewed – no need to manually pan and zoom the images to view all pixels at full resolution
  • Tomosynthesis support – DICOM standard, cine mode, navigation icon, fully integrated into the workflow

Better diagnostic capabilities equals better patient care.